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Prevention / Steps for the Awareness



Imagine yourself facing an immediate pain in the left area of your chest. Your first instinct would be to leave the meeting and visit a cardiac specialist. Now, let’s imagine this with a stomach ache, would you do the same? No! Your first instinct would be to sit through the meeting waiting for the pain to reduce on its own and then leaving it for days and consuming medicines from a nearby chemist. We need to break this chain and treat our body with utmost care and attention.

The major reasons for death through abdominal cancer is due to a lack of early detection of the disease which can only be possible through the correct knowledge of the symptoms and the warning signs. The individual should be able to take up a call when to reach out to the doctor.

The journey of reaching out to the doctor is a bit tactful. We generally go for a common physician and keep on going for doses after doses and in case if the treatment does not suit us, we tend to change the doctor. This needs to stop! To make sure of the early detection we must take charge and reach out to a specialist and take their opinion.

Cancer is curable. Period. The problem to be empathetic towards your body and listening to it. Due to immense fear of the disease we usually dodge reaching out to the right doctor and in many cases do not go out for treatment thinking it the time for the closure of life. 
In 90% of cases, if you get detected in the first or second stage, you can easily get back to your normal life.