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All types of abdominal cancers can spread to the peritoneum resulting into peritoneal metastases. This is by definition is a stage IV (last stage cancer) with the usual survival lasting for few months.

For last few years there are some specific types of abdominal cancers which even after causing peritoneal metastases can be offered curative treatment in the form of an advanced surgical procedure called CRS + HIPEC, simultaneous systemic chemotherapy and adjuvant chemotherapy.

This method although complicated gives 5 year survival to up to 30% of these patients.



Cancers in which this procedure is effective includes- cancer of colon & rectum, appendix, ovary, stomach and pseudomyxoma peritoneii.

In this procedure all the primary disease along with omentum and parietal peritoneum are resected followed by 90 minutes continuous circulation of chemotherapy drugs inside peritoneal cavity at the temperature of 41-44 degrees Celsius, through a specific machine.