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Aim/Goal – Just BE AWARE


As per the statistics, the incidence of Abdominal Cancer is on rising. Commemorating to the fact that any sort of cancer has always been eyed as the last wave to life, our mission with this programme is to eliminate the terror and induce awareness among individuals and the world.

“Having performed around 10,000 abominable surgeries, out of all 60% of the patients were on the last stage of cancer due to lack of awareness, 25% reached us when they were on the third stage of cancer which has high odds of complications with the high risk of occurrence. The rest 15% of patients are diagnosed within the first and second stages who can be given the curative treatments along with the least reoccurrence rate. These are the only ones who can lead a normal life”, says Abdominal cancer specialist, Dr Sundeep Jain.

It was decades ago when this disease was so complex that we were incapable to reverse and treat the person affected, however, now it all lies upon the time taken for the diagnosis.

While all the cancers are equally risk-bearing, the question arises – Why celebrate Abdominal Cancer Day?

Abdominal Cancer is the second leading cancer to cause the most deaths out of all. The abdominal area comprises seven organs, however, any pain or discomfort in that portion of the body is given the least attention. We need to have this day to make people aware of the gravity of any discomfort or uneasiness in this particular area. Opening a dialogue on this segment will adhere to people’s attention to make them not disregard and lead to an early diagnosis followed by timely intervention.

Through Abdominal Cancer Day, we seek to advocate the individuals and render them more clarity that sufferance and death is not the last resort, it can be treated. Also, one of our aims is to educate the crowd and to make independent of the doctor’s advice so that they can take a call on when to visit a doctor, when to change the doctor and how to realise that their treatment is going in the right direction. All you have to be is a bit mindful about the warning signs and reaching out to the specialists on time.